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2017 is going by fast. It has been a very eventful year.

I haven’t released any new videos on YouTube in a while, but a few things developed which you can totally take advantage of right now.

You can now hear my self-recorded and self-released solo Oud album. And it’s free.

I’m working on a new project with Cumbus with Oud strings. I would love to hear your opinion on a rough track I made this week. Download it here to listen. Please email me and give me some feedback, I like hearing from you.

Taqasim Program Update

Yes! The Step-by-Step Taqasim Program is almost ready. It will be released next week and you can be a part of it! (That’s why I haven’t been making any videos!)

I don’t know of any program out there like it. And believe me, this was a learning experience…

Here’s a little teaser: 

One of the learning tools is called, “fill-in-the-blanks” taqasim. This is an advanced exercise that will give you actionable steps or cues of what to do, and boost your improvisation and composition muscle.

The Taqasim Program went on pre-sale a few months ago, and I know some people are patiently waiting for this to come out. I will be working hard to get it released on time!

Any burning questions about anything? Email me at support@oudforguitarists.com.

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