2017 Highlights & Step-by-Step Taqasim

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2017 is going by fast. It has been a very eventful year. I haven’t released any new videos on YouTube in a while, but a few things developed which you can totally take advantage of right now. You can now hear my self-recorded and self-released solo Oud album. And it’s free. I’m working on a new project with Cumbus with Oud strings. I would love to hear your opinion on a rough…

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Unraveling a Taqsim: Episode 3 – Maqam Husseini (free taqasim training download)

  This week I have another taqsim for you to watch and follow along with. This one goes all over the place, and has a little Persian flair to it in some parts.   Free Taqasim Training Audio   In addition, I’ve created two taqasim training audio files that you can download at the bottom of this page when you sign up. A lot of people ask, “how do I…

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The Descending Pattern Technique for Taqsim

  The Descending Pattern Technique is something you will definitely hear when you listen to Middle Eastern music. You’ll hear it in short phrases and in longer phrases. It’s used during taqsim and in compositions. In essence, it is simply a musical phrase that gets repeated on different notes descending the maqam or scale. It’s like creating little musical theme and then copying it on different notes making a longer…

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