How to never make a mistake when playing taqsim

Playing a taqsim can be intimidating.


…especially when your teacher or musically-versed audience is watching you intently.


In this video, you’ll find out how to NEVER make a mistake when you play taqsim.


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How to NEVER make a mistake when you play taqsim


In 2016, I went to the Arabic music retreat and was put into Simon Shaheen’s chamber ensemble.


One memory really stuck out for me.


During a solo section, someone was playing a taqsim, and it appeared that the soloist stumbled a bit.


Simon stopped him and gave him some advice which really helps me today.


He told us, “When you play your solo, don’t stop… make me think, ‘What is he doing, where is he going…’


In other words, there are no mistakes if you play confidently and make it appear as though whatever happened was completely intentional.


So the next time you are doing some improvisation, just go with it. Take that misplaced note and go with it, turn it into something else. Let it take you off the path and back on.


But what if you have no idea where to start playing a taqsim?


When it comes learning how to play taqasim… there are 2 steps to follow.


Step 1. Learn taqasim note by note – Learn by copying other people’s taqasm on your Oud. It helps you learn phrases and forms of melodies.


Step 2. Learn to connect things – Start creating your own taqasim by connecting what you’ve learned. For this, you need some knowledge and a little courage to do something different and figure it out along the way.


Simple, right?


…yes, the process IS simple.


But many Oud players fail to even get the hang of it….




Because no one is there to give you feedback on your playing to help you improve!


So you may go back feeling like “playing random notes on the scale”.


Let’s end this unsatisfying journey of playing taqasim. It’s time you got on track to play REAL taqasim.


My new taqasim learning program, Step by Step Taqasim, is coming out this week. In the program, you’ll see exactly what phrases to learn, how to establish a maqam, how and when to modulate….all step by step.


The best part is, you’re not alone. You can get personal coaching on your taqsim playing!


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