Do you feel like you don’t play the Oud authentically?


Want more unified guidance on how to play the Oud?


You will find just what you need on this page. Check out Oud for Guitarists’ Premium Courses!


For Intermediate to Advanced players.

Brand New. Learn the 5 Golden Techniques. The Masterclass - Samai Bayati Al-Aryan

The Masterclass


In this brand new, systematic course, you will:

  • Learn how to incorporate the 5 Golden Techniques (and more) to any piece of music
  • Learn the famous Samai Bayati Al Aryan with advanced techniques
  • Develop ways to personalize the music with techniques and make it into your own piece of music
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For Beginner players.

Want to start playing the Oud authentically? 

The Fast Track PackageOud for Guitarists Foundation

With a series of clear video lessons, you will be able to:

  • Understand basics of Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms
  • Find notes accurately on the Oud
  • Refine your right hand Oud playing technique and play ornaments

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For All levels of Oud players.

Train your ear and master maqamat and modulation. 

Mastery PackageMaqam Mastery

With video lessons and ear training exercises, you will be able to:

• Develop the “ear” for Middle Eastern quartertones, and maqamat
• Develop melody in each maqam with authentic, idiomatic phrases
• Learn how to deconstruct maqamat to understand their relationships recognize them easily

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For All levels of Oud players.

The Ultimate MultiOud Premium Course4 Critical Factors for creating real Oud sound MultiOud

Struggling to create the sound you want on the MultiOud?

In this program, you’ll be able to:

  • PRODUCE a satisfying classic Oud sound – even when only using the bridge pickup
  • RECREATE Oud sounds that resemble Ouds built by different well-known Oud builders
  • ADOPT fool proof general equalization settings for a deep, boomy, classic Oud sound
  • CALCULATE the optimal string tension for Arabic tuning using customized string gauges
  • ADOPT the right mindset to approach the MultiOud – because its SO different than an acoustic Oud
  • RECREATE a modern Persian Barbat sound
  • ELIMINATE buzzing sound