2017 Highlights & Step-by-Step Taqasim

learn taqasim

2017 is going by fast. It has been a very eventful year. I haven’t released any new videos on YouTube in a while, but a few things developed which you can totally take advantage of right now. You can now hear my self-recorded and self-released¬†solo Oud album.¬†And it’s free. I’m working on a new project with Cumbus with Oud strings. I would love to hear your opinion on a rough…

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Teaching Oud in Japan

learn oud japan

Here I am with my Oud in Japan. I’ve visited Japan a few times since 2010, and this is the first time I dared to bring my Oud to Japan. I decided that on this trip I would contact some Japanese middle eastern musicians this time because… hey, there are A LOT of Darbuka, and Oud players there… And, why not… So here’s the short of how it went:  …

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Taqasim Program – Research Begins

navid Goldrick learn oud

A couple weeks ago I announced that I would be creating a step-by-step taqasim learning program. I’m not talking about a “learn someone else’s taqasim” program. This will get you to the point where you can create your own taqasim. Response The response confirmed that this program is needed and wanted in the Oud learning world. So it’s happening, it’s a go! What’s Next? I have been compiling recordings of…

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3 Essential, Fun and Effective Oud Exercises

oud exercises

Here are a few essential, fun and effective Oud exercises that are perfect for warming up your fingers or learning the fundamental basics of the Oud, and advancing your technique. I wrote these for a student who needed to work on some specific things to improve their Oud playing. Exercise 1: This exercise is really important for anyone who wants to play fast. It helps develop playing up strokes when…

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Ear Training Enrolment Next Week!

ear training program ear training course arabic maqam ear training

  I’m almost done the new Ear Training Program, and it’s sounding fantastic. At the end of the program, you’ll be humming Arabic melodies all day. I want you to be the first to hear about when it will be released next week. AND, I want you to try it out for free. So click the link below to get on the newsletter. And just for signing up, I’ll send…

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The Most Important Thing in Arabic Music: Music Interpretation

Last week I talked about how I learned to use techniques and embellishments in my Oud playing, and now I want to demonstrate this in action. I’ll show you three ways I interpret my own music and apply different techniques and embellishments to the same basic melody to create different a different feeling and vibe.     If you want to these techniques and learn more about how and when…

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A common question: How do you know when to use certain techniques and embellishments in music?

A common question I get from Oud players is how do you know when to use certain techniques and embellishments in music. The question that is really being asked here is more a question of style and musicality. But where did I learn how to use techniques and embellishments? Watch the video below to find out.   Next week I’m going to play some examples from my own music to…

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Flashy Oud vs Emotional Oud: What’s better?

There’s a lot of debate about what’s better: to be able to play flashy techniques and play really fast, or to be able to play with a lot of feeling and emotion in your playing. What do you think? Watch this video, then share with me your favourite Oud video from YouTube. Post a link in the comments section below, and tell me why you it’s your favourite.    …

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Sultan of Soundboards – The Oudman Najib Shaheen

  I attended the 2016 Arabic Music Retreat hosted by Simon Shaheen, and I had a great time. It was a great experience to spend a whole week with some of the greatest Arabic musicians. The first character I met when I arrived there was Najib Shaheen, Simon Shaheen’s older brother. I like to call him Sultan-a-Soundboard… Because it seemed like every other Oud player at the retreat was playing…

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Maqam Ear Training

I always had a hard time understanding Maqam Lami. It sounded so strange to me, and I didn’t find it interesting. I knew some well known songs in Maqam Lami, but it still wasn’t sticking. Fortunately, Simon Shaheen used Maqam Lami in one of his ear training sessions at the Arabic Music Retreat… Then it all started to make sense. I took what I learned from his method and created…

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