Learn Arabic Music With Your Ears and Your Voice

navid Goldrick learn oud

I’m sure you’ve heard it before… especially when you ask… “What’s the best way to learn maqams?” or “How do you learn how to play a taqasim?”   Typical answer: “You have to listen to middle eastern music a lot.”   Or sometimes… you might think or say to yourself… “It’s hard to learn because I didn’t grow up in a middle eastern background.” “Middle eastern people have an advantage…

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Ear Training Enrolment Next Week!

ear training program ear training course arabic maqam ear training

  I’m almost done the new Ear Training Program, and it’s sounding fantastic. At the end of the program, you’ll be humming Arabic melodies all day. I want you to be the first to hear about when it will be released next week. AND, I want you to try it out for free. So click the link below to get on the newsletter. And just for signing up, I’ll send…

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