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Maqam Mastery Program

Maqam Mastery, Mastery Package

The Maqam Musical system of the Middle East is one of the most daunting and complicated music theories of the world. Many Oud learners struggle with recognizing which Maqam is which, and how to develop melody and improvise. But it doesn't have to be difficult anymore!

With the Maqam Mastery Program's video lessons and ear training exercises, you will be able to:

• Develop the “ear” for Middle Eastern quartertones, and maqamat
• Develop melody in each maqam with authentic, idiomatic phrases
• Learn how to deconstruct maqamat to understand their relationships recognize them easily

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Anything is possible...The Music of Ireland on Oud - Celtic Oud

Celtic Oud

It’s quite a challenge to play Celtic music on the Oud. This music was made to played on the fiddle, and sometimes you really have to stretch to hit the right notes.

The Celtic music I like use darker modes, like the pieces you’ll hear in the video.

The two slip jigs I play are called Kid on the Mountain, and The Butterfly. The jig I play at the end is Morrissey’s Jig.

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