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"Well filmed, clear and excellent start to learn the Oud for sure." - Andre Thibault (Vancouver, Canada)

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BRAND NEW COURSE: The Masterclass


The Masterclass - Samai Bayati Al-Aryan


Want to see your friends and family enjoy your Oud playing more?


You can now by learning the "5 Golden Techniques"...!


In this brand new, systematic course, you will:

»Learn how to incorporate the 5 Golden Techniques (and more) to any piece of music

»Learn the famous Samai Bayati Al Aryan with advanced techniques

»Develop ways to personalize the music with techniques and make it into your own piece of music


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FREE EMAIL COURSE - Become an expert on Arabic Music in 15 Days


learn arabic music


It took me a while to get a taste for Arabic music… and Turkish music. I had only known middle eastern music through Persian music, and this was what I listened to the most.

That’s why I created this Free email course “Arabic Music 101”, because this is what I would have learned Arabic music faster if I had more exposure to the right kind of music.

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