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• Play maqammat in a logical order and proper modulations



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Samai Bayati Al Aryan Part 4 with Advanced Oud Techniques


This article is going to finish up our Samai Bayati Al Aryan free oud lessons. After watching this week’s video you’ve learned quite a bit of this piece.

Watch out for the teslim… the teslim is played twice. The first time you play the teslim through the last three beats will join it up to the beginning of the teslim because it’s repeated. The second time you play the teslim it will conclude on the root of the maqam. In this case, it’s Maqam Bayati.

Maqam Bayati is heard very often in all middle eastern music. In Persian music it exists as well, it is called Dastgah-he Abu-Atta, or Avaze Abu-Atta.

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