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"I have an Oud by Yildirim Palabiyik... It is a superb instrument with a rich and resonant tone and timbre.  It is immaculately crafted and also it holds tune very well.  My Oud was made for mid to advanced student and I am sure it will take me a long way along the road to perfecting technique and art of the Oud.  I want to buy another of his Ouds which is Professional model.  I already play Cello and have a beautiful Cello so am keen to have an Oud of similar quality to develop and grow with." 

-Leah Coffey, UK (Oud for Guitarists reader)

What I Want For You...

An Oud you can trust and rely on, 

A good Oud for a fair price, 

A friendly relationship with your luthier and a great customer service experience,  

To love the sound of your Oud, 

Yildirim Palabiyik is offering the highest quality Turkish and Arabic style Ouds comparable to the best Turkish Oud builders at competitive prices.  He is friendly, honest, and has great customer service.

How to Take Advantage of This Offer

As an affiliate of Yildirim Palabiyik and he is offering a 7% discount for anyone who buys an Oud through Oud for Guitarists using our discount code (sign up to receive it below). In addition, Oud for Guitarists will earn a commission on your purchase. This in turn allows Oud for Guitarists to stay active and continue to provide useful Oud learning materials for free.

All you have to do is email for an order and write use the discount code (sign up below).

Oud Models and prices: (Prices include a high quality hard case and courier shipping)

MO 100: $1.750,00 US (Simple Oud)
MO 200: $1.800,00 US (Simple Oud)
AB 1598: $1.850,00 US 
AB 1600: $1.900,00 US 
AB 1700: $1.950,00 US 
AB 1800: $2.000,00 US 
AB 1900: $2.050,00 US 
AB 2000: $2.200,00 US (Fully ornamented Oud)
EL 100:    $2.100,00 US (Electric Oud)
All these Oud models are fully customizable for your personal choice of wood. More expensive wood may result in a higher cost. The best thing to do is to contact Yildirim at and quoting our discount code to inquire for wood details and to take advantage of our 7% discount. Save between $122 to $154 USD. 
I recommend MO 200, AB 1598, and AB 1900. 
This is what Mike's Oud Forum Members are saying about Yildirim Palabiyik's Ouds...
-Spyblaster (Iran)
"I would like to share my latest experience with Yildirim here in this forum.
I recevied the oud I ordered from Yildirim. The best word I can find to describe this oud is "P E R F E C T"
1- Appearance 2- Tonality 3- Dimensions 4- finishing 5- action and playability........ everything full marks.
Add to that how easy to deal with this guy. Communication with him is so smooth and easy. The purchasing and shipment process was flawless. His committment to timliness is perfect..... and finally the price is reasonable. The oud you get for the money you pay to Yildirim is not to be compared honestly.
This guy deserves every single cent I paid for this oud.....and honestly he deserves more. I have many ouds here, made by famous luthiers. I beleive Yildirim's oud will be the crown jewel in my collection. I fell in love with this oud from the very first minutes.
I would highly recommend Yildirim ouds. I have had a lot of experiences with almost all famous luthiers...... the Yildirim oud experience will surely be one of the most distinguished."
-Omar Al-Mufti (Austria)

So tell me about Yilidirim Palabiyik's Ouds

  • All Oud models are fully customizable for size specifications and design, just tell Yildirim your preferences...
  • All Ouds can be made with Arabic style bracing for Arabic sound and tuning
  • Cedar soundboards available for an extra $200
  • Unfinished soundboards are standard practice in Oud building, but French polish is available for an extra $250 
  • Production time 30 - 45 days. With premium shipping, delivery time is 2 - 5 days.
  • All Ouds prices include a high quality hard case, and premium shipping costs
  • Payment options: Western Union or Bank Transfer. Contact for details.
  • Premium shipping companies used: TNT, DHL, or UPS
  • Ouds are available for purchase without hard case and premium shipping. You can save $300 money by specifying no hard case, and requesting standard shipping. Delivery time using standard shipping is 10 - 30 days.

Still Not Sure? Have questions?

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Navid Goldrick