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Ultimate Oud Beginner's Guide

Just bought an Oud? Not sure how to hold the risha properly?

In this free email course, you’ll learn the Oud basics (e.g. how to hold the Oud & risha properly) + perfect exercises for beginners, worth a whole month of private lessons content!

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learn arabic music

New to the world of Arabic music?

In this free email course, you’ll be exposed to all the famous Arabic pieces in different genres. Perfect if you want to learn the feel of Arabic music or train your ear!

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Here are some of the popular articles:

Types of Ouds: The Ultimate Oud Buyers’ Guide Part 1

Free Sheet Music: Middle Eastern, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Armenian and Persian

Arabic Maqam Theory – A Brief Introduction

The Best 50 Middle Eastern Songs You Have to Hear!



If you are looking for a more systematic approach to learning the Oud, the premium courses will give you just that!

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Here are our most popular courses:

The Complete Package

Oud for Guitarists Foundation Program

Maybe you are a guitar player who picked up the Oud.

You have some musical foundation, but you are new to the Oud.

Then this program is perfect for you!

In this popular Oud for Guitarists Foundation Program, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand basics of Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms
  • Find notes accurately on the Oud (including quartertones)
  • Refine your right hand Oud playing technique and play ornaments

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Maqam Mastery, Mastery PackageMaqam Mastery Program

Can’t tell the differences between different maqams?

Want to play taqasim properly and authentically?

With video lessons and ear training exercises, you will be able to:

• Develop the “ear” for Middle Eastern quartertones and maqams
• Develop melody in each maqam with authentic, idiomatic phrases
• Learn how to deconstruct maqams to understand their relationships recognize them easily

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